Our Team

Allow us to introduce you to the Bath Culture House team...


Sheena is our cheese artist, making and packing all our cashew and almond based cheeses. Sheena works for Bath Culture House 2 days a week, as she also runs her own stained glass crafts company!

Sheena's favourite BCH product is our Tart Cherry Kombucha.


A hard-working and playful team member, Mark loves a joke and always makes us laugh! He drives for Bath Culture House 4 days a week, delivering to our shop customers in Bath, Bristol, Clevedon, Glastonbury, Wells, Nailsea and the rest of the South West! In his spare time, Mark coaches football and also leads hiking expeditions.

Mark's favourite BCH product is our Jasmine Kombucha.


Charlotte loves her ferments and helps us make our kimchi and sauerkraut; chopping, fermenting and packaging hundreds of jars each week, for you! Charlotte has an allotment she loves to tend to in her spare time, and is a top eco warrior, always putting our planet first.

Charlotte's favourite BCH product is our Kimchi Kitchup!


Lucie started Bath Culture House in 2016 from her home-kitchen, in Bath, Somerset. She now runs our unit in Ubley, just a few miles West of her home city. Lucie is a fully-fledged fermentation nerd, with a Biology degree and over a decade of experience in dairy cheesemaking, before switching to a plant-based diet in 2017.

Lucie's favourite BCH is our 2-Star Great Taste Awarded Seaweed Sauerkraut.


May is our rock in the kitchen, always providing a sense of calm, even on the busiest of days! May helps us make, ferment and jar our sauerkrauts, and kimchi range. May loves gardening in her spare time, and live music too!

May's favourite BCH product is our Activated Charcoal Cashew Chease.


We love Eva as she always keeps everyone on the team smiling! Eva helps Lucie run production shifts, knowing exactly what it takes to make every product perfect! Eva runs soundbath classes at Bishopsutton Yoga Studio, and also teaches yoga.

Eva's favourite BCH product is our Smoked & Chipotle Cashew Chease.


Michael is our office man, managing our phone line, emails and website! With plenty of customer service and sales experience, Michael is keen to start building relationships with new online customers (you!) and shop buyers up and down the country. When he's not working with us, Michael runs the organic nut butter company Nutcessity, and also plays cricket for Blagdon.

His favourite BCH product is our Y'Extract Cashew Chease.