Kimchi ketchup Spanish soup

Serves: 2-4 people.
Level: Easy
Time: 10-15 minutes
Kimchi ketchup Spanish soup, by Cook Your Life and Bath Culture House


1Kg plum tomatoes, ripe, cut into halves

70g cucumber, partially peeled

50g green peppers

40g onion

1 bottle of kimchi ketchup

30g apple cider vinegar

1tsp salt

1 garlic clove

50-100g extra virgin olive oil



Step 1

Put the vegetables, kimchi ketchup, vinegar, salt, and garlic in a high-speed blender. Keep back a few slices of tomato.

Step 2

Add the oil and stir gently.

Step 3

Add water if you want a less thick soup, or ice to cool. If you would like a thicker soup, add some bread from the previous day to the beginning of the recipe. Top each bowl with the reserved tomato.