Interested in becoming a trade partner? 

We're a small business that has strong sustainability credentials and supplies products that are now front-of-mind of modern shoppers.

We currently supply around 80 postcodes directly with our retail jars and bottles. We have a low minimum order (£50), generous margins available and a high repeat order rate. We sell in singles (not cases). We only sell direct (not via a wholesaler).

Restaurants & Caterers
We also supply shops, caterers and restaurants with bulk kimchi and sauerkraut, in 1kg or 5kg tubs.

Kombucha Kegs
We supply kombucha in bulk for those wishing to supply kombucha on tap! The kombucha must be kept chilled so you would probably need to invest in some equipment. Please contact us for more information.

Please get in touch with Michael at:
01761 458117 [office hours Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, please leave a voicemail if we don't pick up]

Or, please use the form below. Please check your spelling carefully of your e-mail address. If it's incorrect, you won't receive our reply! Thank you.

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