About Us

Our Founding Director Lucie is a self-proclaimed fermentation geek who switched dairy for plants!

Born in St. Martins Hospital in Bath, she studied Biology at Bath University before flourising into a successful career with roles as a technical manager, quality manager, food technologist and specialist cheese consultant, during employment spanning 15-years - often leading teams under Grade-A BRC standards. Lucie worked for two Cornish dairy cheesemakers whilst slowly but surely becoming more and more fascinated and inspired by the process of fermentation (coffee, wine and chocolate all included)! Inspired by Rachel Demuth, Lucie started teaching fermentation workshops at Demuth’s Cookery School a few years later.

Lucie founded Bath Culture House in 2016, selling bottles of kombucha to independent health food shop Harvest Natural Foods, in Bath. Since then, the business has grown slowly but surely, with Lucie going full-time in 2018 and the business investing in a refrigerated delivery van in 2021 and a walk-in fridge in 2022.

Bath Culture House now supplies around 80 retailers, (mainly in the South West) with various natural flavours of handmade beet kvass, kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi. We're proud to be a Great Taste Producer, as verified by the Guild of Fine Food. To date Bath Culture House has won 6 Great Taste awards and 5 Taste of the West Gold awards!

Having started solo, Bath Culture House now employs 8 members of staff, proudly, as a Living Wage Employer and a proud Silver Member of Taste of the West. We work 6 (or 7!) days a week fermenting, tasting, jarring, labeling, pouring, sealing, packing, delivering, cleaning and experimenting. It’s hard work, but so worth it as we are fortunate to have some amazing customers who we know and love; many of whom rely on us to improve and maintain their gut health and microbiome.

Lucie's dream was always to combine her inner geek with her love of cooking, producing tummy loving live foods. She is proud that her dream is now a reality.

If you haven’t tried our products before, why not give them a go? You can shop on our website, visit some of our awesome stockists or pop by our unit - we are open for sales to the public between 11am-4pm every Friday (stock limitations apply).

Happy gut, happy mind, happy body!