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We make raw, unpasteurised & naturally fermented products, ranging from kimchi and sauerkraut to kombucha and vegan ‘chease’ (without dairy, soy or coconut), in a gluten-free & plant-based kitchen in the Mendip Hills, Somerset.

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Made by us, in the Mendip Hills

Our small team create, hand-chop, hand-pack & hand-label all our products.
We do it for you, your taste buds, and your gut.

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Our Stockists

We love working with lots of deli's, health shops and refill shops in the South West & further afield, like the Refill & Deli in Teignmouth (pictured here with Lucie). Click below to see where your local stockist is!

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We're a living wage employer

This means we put our employees first; paying each of our team an equitable wage and fair amount of holiday leave. We also pay our staff's 30-minute break when they work a 6+ hour shift.


Are your products vegan?

Yes! We're a vegan company producing only vegan products.

Do you cater for those with nut allergies?

No. All our chease products are made from tree nuts, and therefore are not suitable for those with a tree nut allergy. They are however free from coconut and soya. Our other products are made in the same kitchen as the one we use for making our cheases; so there is a cross-contamination risk.

Are all your products 'raw' and 'live'?

Yes, absolutely. This is where our products can really heal and help your gut and microbiome. We ferment our products before stroring them in our fridges, and dispatch to you in chilled packaging. All our shops should be storing our products in their fridges too. We do not pasteurise any of our products, so you can be sure that they contain all the beneficial bacteria your microbiome is craving.

What are the benefits of eating and drinking fermented products?

In short, here are some of the many benefits of incorporating fermented foods into your daily diet:
- They contain live probiotic bacteria and yeast, improving gut health.
- The process of fermentation breaks down food components and makes it easier for your gut to digest. This saves energy and releases more available nutrients.
- 95% of the body’s serotonin is produced within our gut. Serotonin is a feel good / pleasure hormone,
- 70% of the cells which make up our immune system are found within the gut.
- Fermented foods can prevent the growth of disease-forming bacteria. Fermented foods contain lactic acid which are proven to destroy harmful bacteria.
- They also improve digestion and limit bloting.
- They're recommended to be taken daily when prescribed a course of antibiotics.
- They're known to reduce blood pressure.
- They strengthen the immune system.
- They're a superb source of antioxidants.
- They're known to lower inflammation.
- Fermented foods are also rich in minerals, vitamins (vitamin C and B’s), enzymes, and they're also a good source of fibre.

It's no wonder fermented foods and the 'trend' of gut health are becoming increasingly popular. Read on here with the BBC's Michael Moseley...

What shelf-life do your products have?

It varies: kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut – 2 months.
Cashew or almond soft cultured cheases – at least 8 days. The cheases are free from preservatives. As a result, the product is fresh and natural, meaning the shelf-life isn't as long as dairy cheese or other vegan cheeses (that may contain filler ingredients, stabilisers or lots of coconut).

Do I need to store your products in my fridge?

Yes. Of course, take them out for half an hour (no more) for a meal / buffet, but always store in the fridge. This helps our products retain their freshness & health benefits, but also ensures the fermentation process doesn't go too far (cue exploding bottle of kombucha), so it can be dangerous to leave our products in ambient conditions for too long.

Can I freeze your cheases?

Yes, you can. They can be frozen for up to 3 months, after which point you should defrost them slowly in the fridge overnight. All our cheases freeze excellently, so you could buy a few in a bundle and keep a few back in the freezer for another week.

Do you use any plastic?

Wherever possible we avoid using plastic. Our cheases are packed in greaseproof paper, to keep the product inside fresh, before being packed inside a cardboard soup-style pot. Our vegetable ferments and kombucha are packed in glass, with an aluminium lid and plastic-free labels. We reuse cardboard boxes to make deliveries wherever possible. Please recycle our packaging when you have finished munching/sipping on your purchase! You will certainly be able to reuse the ice packs we enclose within your online packed order.

How much is postage?

We charge £5.95 for orders below £40; for orders of £40+ shipping is free to UK mainland addresses.
Please bear in mind, the delivery costs and packaging costs (to keep everything chilled), cost us more than this unfortunately! So we are not making any money with this charge.

Can I find your products in supermarkets?

No. Because we're a small business, with very small batch-runs (we're talking roughly 50 jars of kimchi at a time, or 25 cheases), we simply don't have the supply needed to work with any of the supermarkets, or high street chains like Holland & Barrett. We do however work with lots of independent shops and delis (see which ones here), and we're always looking for new ones to work with! If you have any suggestions, please do contact us.
We'd love to work with Planet Organic, The Vegan Kind and Darts Farm, so if you shop with these companies, please do recommend us to them! It really does help...

What payment methods do you accept?

Most! We accept the majority of credit/debit cards, but do not accept American Express due to their high payment fees.
We do accept ShopPay, GooglePay and ApplePay, as well as bank deposits and cheques. Follow the instructions at the checkout, select the method you prefer, and we'll take it from there. Please note, if you prefer to pay via bank deposit or cheque, the process for receiving payment and dispatching your order is likely to take much longer than it would if you were paying with debit/credit card.
We do not accept Klarna payments, and we don't accept cash either.

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