Collection: Kimchi - Raw & Unpasteurised, Made in Bristol

What is Kimchi?
Kimchi is a hand-chopped fermented vegetable dish, originating in Seoul, Korea and with huge popularily in Japan. You may have come across it in Wagamama in the UK. Although the vegetables are not cooked, they are soft but satisfyingly crunchy, and with a tangy, spicy edge that is very satisfying to eat. Kimchi is very good for you as it contains lots of live bacteria, which is essential for gut health. Kimchi is made using Chinese leaf cabbage, gochugaru (Korean red pepper) and many other ingredients. Our recipe is free from gluten, soy, and added oil or sugar. Kimchi is delicious added to fried rice, noodles or ramen, as well as toasties or crackers.

Our Kimchi will arrive with at least 3-months shelf life. We make our authentic Korean kimchi to traditionally chopped, vegan recipes. Upon arrival, all products should be immediately refrigerated, to retain their stability and freshness. Our classic kimchi is mild in heat, whilst the kale, brussels and broccoli kimchi are both slightly hotter.