Refund & Return Policy

This policy aligns with the government’s laws, stated here.

Should you receive your order and find that products are dented, broken and/or caps are not properly sealed, please take applicable photos and attach them to an email to We're generally very fast with responding to emails and will do so ASAP (usually within 1 working day). Please note we do not check our junk folder, so if you fail to get a response from us in a day or two please call 01761 458117. Incoming emails regarding damages will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis; generally, if through no fault of your own you receive products that are not fit for purpose, we'll be happy to offer a full or part refund (or replacement). A damaged product is not classed by us as being one that’s above chilled temperatures – any leakage is considered normal as we produce live, unpasteurised products that produce CO2 naturally. Please see the information on our delivery policy page for more information.

If you choose to place an order and thereafter request to cancel, we'll be happy to cancel your order and refund you if we receive your request in time - i.e., before we take the necessary steps in fulfilling your order. We recommend you call us (01761 458117) if you want to cancel your order, so that we're quickly able to take action.

If you’re unhappy with your order, or anything else sold on this website, because our branded food/drink products are perishable, a refund is given at the discretion of Bath Culture House. However, if we can see clearly, via photographic evidence, that the products supplied are damaged, broken or the shelf-life is shorter than what we specify (2-months), we will happily provide a refund to you as soon as possible, or a new batch of product to be dispatched. Refunds will not be given if you are: dissatisfied with the texture or taste of the product, dissatisfied with the appearance of the product, or unaware of certain stated specifications of the product; such as ingredients, allergen information, weight of the product, and so forth. You have within 4 weeks of placing your order before you can legitimately ask for a refund.
Any refund requests due to:
a) Lost packages
b) Damaged jars
c) The incorrect items being shipped
d) Any other reason
should also be submitted within 4 weeks of the date of your order being made.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for Bath Culture House branded food/drink products; because our products are perishable we would not be able to sell them on to another party. We can issue refunds or replacements, but it's needless to receive damaged or unwanted products back. This stance is in line with government law regarding perishable items.