Collection: Sauerkraut - Raw & Unpasteurised, Made in Bristol

What is Sauerkraut?
Sauerkraut means 'sour cabbage' and is a naturally fermented dish made of white cabbage and other natural ingredients. Cabbage is chopped, then salted and massaged, before being left over a number of weeks to ferment, allowing tangy flavours to develop from the live bacteria that multiplies. Is sauerkraut good for you? Absolutely! Eating sauerkraut can improve gut health by helping your microbiome to flourish. Our sauerkraut is raw and totally natural, and made of locally grown organic cabbages and British sea salt. Our sauerkraut recipe is very popular and we've received Great Taste awards for two of our products. Check out our sauerkraut range here.

Our Sauerkraut will arrive with at least 3-months shelf life. Upon arrival, all products should be immediately refrigerated, to retain their stability and freshness. All our sauerkraut are unpasteurised and raw.