Bath Culture House - Recipes

A big thank you to Melanie from Cook Your Life for these beautiful recipe ideas! In addition to the recipes below (click on each for the full recipe), our products are great with/on as follows:

Sauerkraut - superb with salad, meatballs (or plant based meatballs), BBQ plates, quiche / omelettes, sandwiches & Ploughman's plates.

Kimchi - delicious in soups/stews or with Ramen, with noodles, stir fried rice, Buddha bowls, toasted sandwiches, savoury pancakes, buckwheat, and also great on burgers and hot dogs.

Vegan Cheases - slice and add to crackers or open sandwiches, great on crispbread and pumpernickel, eat with grapes or dried apricots, and superb (bit naughty this) on digestive biscuits...

Kombucha - just... drink! Take out of fridge, leave for 10 minutes, and enjoy.



Citrus salad with Y’extract vegan chease sauce

Kimchi ketchup Spanish soup

Kimchi pancakes

Kimchi tofu stew

Sushi sauerkraut sandwich

Vegan arancini

Vegan Caprese salad

Vegan meatballs and sauerkraut

Vegan arancini recipe by Bath Culture House & Cook Your Life