Sushi sauerkraut sandwich

By @CookYourLife

LEVEL: Medium
MAKES:  2 onigirazu

Sushi sauerkraut sandwich by Bath Culture House

What Is onigirazu? Onigirazu is a type of Japanese rice shaped into a flat rectangle, almost like a sandwich. It’s so simple to make and even easier to eat.

Ingredients - 

350g sushi or risotto rice, cook to pack instructions

4 sushi nori seaweed sheets

3-4 tbsp of Bath Culture House Sauerkraut (used turmeric & ginger sauerkraut mixed with seaweed sauerkraut)

½ handful of spinach

½ cucumber, halved lengthways and very thinly sliced

Tamari, GF soy sauce, for dipping (optional)

Sriracha sauces


Step 1

Cook the sushi/risotto rice according to the packet instructions and keep aside.

Step 2

To assemble, lay a nori sheet (bright side up) on a piece of cling film. With wet fingers to prevent sticking, position a quarter of the cooked rice in the centre of the nori sheet and shape into a square, ensuring that the flat sides of the square face the corners of the nori sheet.

Step 3

Position the sauerkraut, cucumber, spinach on top of the rice and put another quarter of the rice on top of the filling.

Step 4

Stay with me, it’s time to enclose the filling. Are you ready? Wet your fingers and fold the corners of the nori sheet into the centre to create a square, sealed parcel with filling inside.

Step 5

Set aside for 5 - 10 minutes to soften and stick the rice.

Step 6

Slice the nori in half with a wet sharp knife, cutting thought the cling film like a sandwich.

Remove the cling film and ready to serve.


I love to eat them with sriracha mayo, regular sriracha or tamari sauce.

Poke a little hole on the side of your sandwich to make it easier to start to slice through