At Bath Culture House we care deeply about our local and global natural environments. We are always ready for suggestions (please contact us) but for the time being, this is what we’re doing, as a responsible business:

We package our products in plastic-free packaging, including the labels we use which are 100% recyclable.

We buy our produce from British growers where possible. We use British carrots, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, broccoli, onions and sea salt.

Although we aren’t yet organic certified (working on it!), we purchase many organic certified ingredients to work with, such as cabbages from a British grower.

We are a living wage employer, currently paying £10.90 per hour to 8 members of staff who live locally to Bath Culture House HQ. We treat our staff fairly, always, and value diversity in our workforce.

When we sell to retailers and wholesalers, the minimum order is low and they can buy all our products as singles (rather than in cases or larger quantities). For our local customers, there is no minimum order. This means the shops take on only what they need, so wastage is reduced.

We use FSC-certified cardboard boxes from Kite Packaging, alongside paper-based packaging tape.

We pack shop orders for courier collection by wrapping jars/bottles in used newspaper, that our founder’s partner receives from his Grandparents! Most of our customers LOVE this as we aren’t needing to buy extra ‘filler’ packaging.

We print only when we need to, and only on recycled paper.

For local customers, we open for business on Fridays (between 11am-4pm) and also have a pick-up option on our website for those who live locally.

We don’t have any investors, our Director Lucie Cousins owns Bath Culture House outright. That means we don’t have any people to make money for or answer to, meaning profit doesn’t always come over planet (and rightly so).

We donate 25p from every product we sell to Bowel Cancer UK - our way of giving back - a charity close to Lucie and her family’s heart.

Finally, (and with a lot of happiness), we feed the local Belted Galloways at Gibbons agricultural (directly on our way home) with leftover vegetable off-cuts (Chinese Leaf, Kale, Carrots etc.). They love it, and we do too! This means none of our veg goes to waste (onion skins are composted) and we can de-stress after a long day at work...